Center for Language Acquisition Language Teaching Forum

Center for Language Acquisition Language Teaching Forum

“Teaching Language Through the Lens of Social Justice”

Pamela Wesely (The University of Iowa) and Cassandra Glynn (Concordia College)

In this three-hour workshop, participants will have the opportunity to examine their current practices of teaching for social justice in the language classroom and to gain new perspectives and ideas about how to transform their work with language learners. The workshop will begin with some foundational concepts of social justice education that are necessary for developing language learning spaces committed to equity, access, and criticality. We will build on these concepts by discussing the role of critical moments in the classroom and by navigating examples together, considering how we can maintain compassion for students in the face of controversial or difficult topics and situations that arise in educational settings. Finally, we will examine entry points in the participants’ curriculum for integrating critical and social justice topics, and participants will be able to collaborate and share ideas.
Hybrid Event