2019 Global IHRM Conference

Friday, May 10, 2019
8:30 a.m.–9:00 p.m.
Chambers Building Lobby
2019 Global IHRM Conference


10 - 11 May 2019
4th Global Conference on International Human Resource Management
9 May 2019
Publishing Workshop and Practitioner/Academia Seminar 
Hosted by: Penn State, University Park, Pennsylvania, USA

With keynote speakers:

Professor Riki Takeuchi, University of Texas at Dallas, USA

Jaime Bonache

Professor Jaime Bonache, Carlos III University of Madrid, Spain


Paper submissions now closed 


Best paper award sponsored by:

Human Resource Management Journal


 Organized by: The Pennsylvania State University


The International HRM field is broad and expanding, incorporating many disciplines including cross-cultural management, comparative HRM, and strategic international HRM. Practice and research are focused on understanding why certain HRM activities fit a given national context or exploring how a multinational enterprise balances the global/local paradox in managing its workforce. The first three Global Conferences on IHRM held since 2013 have helped to broaden our knowledge. Yet there is still more to learn…!

We would like to encourage this broadening of our understanding of International HRM with the 4th Global Conference on IHRM at Penn State and invite you to participate. We encourage submissions that allow us to understand our observations in the IHRM field beyond describing them, answering the ‘why’ questions, and providing clear implications for practice.

The conference is organized around a number of sub-themes that reflect important contemporary debates in IHRM. All abstracts submitted are peer-reviewed. The conference allows adequate time for presentations and discussion, both in parallel and plenary sessions, ensuring a lively debate and networking opportunities among participants.


We look forward to welcoming members of the IHRM community to our conference!


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