2019 Global IHRM Conference

2019 Global IHRM Conference

The International HRM field is broad and expanding, incorporating many disciplines including cross-cultural management, comparative HRM, and strategic international HRM. Practice and research are focused on understanding why certain HRM activities fit a given institutional and/or cultural context, or exploring how a multinational enterprise manages the global/local paradox. Insights from the international organizational behavior field also complement these questions, increasing our knowledge around how individual employees from different countries experience HRM in their organization.

Building on this broad research base, the first three Global Conferences on IHRM held at the Pennsylvania State University since 2013 helped to broaden our knowledge. Yet there is still more to learn…!

We would like to encourage this broadening of our understanding of International HRM with the 4th Global Conference on IHRM, being hosted by The Pennsylvania State University at University Park, Pennsylvania, USA. We encourage submissions that allow us to understand our observations in the IHRM field beyond describing them, answering the ‘why’ questions, and providing clear implications for practice.

To this end, we invite submissions that cover conceptual, theoretical, and empirical investigations that adopt various methodologies and highlight the context-specific nature of HRM systems. Papers that address but are not necessarily restricted to the following topics are especially invited:

  • - HRM models from emerging markets
  • - Institutional and cultural perspectives on IHRM
  • - HRM in multinational enterprises
  • - High performance work systems in different national settings
  • - Expatriate management and global careers
  • - IHRM and informal social ties and networks
  • - Global talent and knowledge management
  • - Global leadership development
  • - Diversity, aging population, and generational challenges in different national settings         
  • - Ethics and corporate social responsibility in the globalization of work
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