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“The Guardian of the Sacred Bundle: Migrant Women Wisdom Between Archives”

The bottom right corner of a folio of the Codex Azcatitlan shows an Indigenous Nahua migrant woman kneeling on the floor and holding a child on her lap,...

9/27 4:30pm
“Empires of the Dead: Inca Mummies and the Peruvian Ancestors of  American Anthropology”

Faisal Husain, assistant professor in History, is hosting speaker Chris Heaney, assistant professor in Latin American History, Penn State to give a guest...

9/29 3:30pm
Department of English

“Duke Ellington’s Symphonic Poems as a Vehicle for Social Change in the Harlem Renaissance” Maestro Chelsea Tipton, II Harlem and Black, Brown, and Beige...

10/4 6:30pm
“Writing Ocean History and Publishing with The William and Mary Quarterly”

Pre-modern history maintains a terrestrial bias. It is often preoccupied with events unfolding on land, saying little about what happened within Earth’s...

10/6 10:30am
“Once I Graduate with my History Degree, What Jobs and Career Options are Available to Me?”

This is an event hosted by Mike Milligan. He will host six panelists who will talk about their careers and how a History major has helped them with their...

10/18 6:30pm

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