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Ukrainian students in the German educational system

Since the Russian invasion of the Ukraine, over 1 million Ukrainian refugees have fled to Germany and over 200,000 children have entered the German educational system. Therefore, the German education system had to quickly adapt to this influx into virtually every classroom in Germany. Within a very short time, language programs or transitional classes were installed, however, with large differences between the Bundesländer (federal states), who can apply their individual rules. In addition, volunteer language classes also began.



In this talk, we will focus on the challenges of the current situation for the students, teachers and the educational system, exemplified by personal accounts. Insights will also be provided from the Bundesländer Hessen and Bavaria with particular focus on the Eichstätt-region and we will discuss the efforts undertaken by our students and team.

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Wednesday, March 22 at 3:30pm to 5:00pm

157 Burrowes Building

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