A Workshop on Methods – The World of Professional Editing

A Workshop on Methods – The World of Professional Editing

Rebekah Zwanzig is a freelance editor who has a passion for projects in the fields of religion, Arabic and Middle Eastern culture and thought, literature, and peacebuilding. She completed extensive graduate work in philosophy, religion, and comparative literature and used this knowledge to develop her expertise as an academic editor who works on material ranging from medieval Islamic history and philosophy to early modern literary studies and Japanese social and political history. Rebekah has worked on scholarly monographs, edited volumes, and articles for both individual clients and academic presses and journals in the United States and abroad.

This 90-minute, informal workshop is an opportunity to speak with her about specific methods, challenges, and approaches to professional work in the field of scholarly editing. She will discuss her experiences getting started in the business, some tips for success, and highlight some of her current projects.

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