Software Deployment

Wednesday, April 17, 2019
12:30 a.m.
Software Deployment

Who is impacted: All Liberal Arts computers

Description: Liberal Arts IT will be installing Operating System patches and other software updates starting at 12:30 am on Tuesday, May 16th. We will be pushing the following updates to your computers remotely. 

Software Updates:   

  • OS Patches (Both)
  • Dropbox 25.4.28 (Both)
  • Adobe Flash Player NPAPI (Both)
  • Skype (Mac)
  • Skype 7.35.102 (Windows)
  • Java 8 update 131 (Both)
  • Box Sync 4.0.7800 (Mac)
  • Evernote 6.11 (Mac)
  • Firefox 45.9.0 esr (Both)
  • FileZilla 3.25.2 (Both)
  • Adobe Flash Player Active X (Windows)
  • Slack 2.6.0 (Windows)
  • Slack 2.6.1 (Mac)

Impact:  Moderate.  OS Patches will require a reboot on systems.

Action: Please save and close any open files associated with the above applications prior to leaving Monday May 15th. Any computer that is turned off, or any laptop that is not in the office, will start installing the update when it next connects to the network.  If your computer was turned off, please give the machine 30 minutes after logging in before beginning normal operations.