Pronouns and Gender Equity

Pronouns and Gender Equity

The issue of personal pronouns has recently risen to greater public prominence in
connection with wider awareness and acceptance of the LGBTQ+ movement. Pronouns
are a crucial entry point to promote greater gender equity because they provide small
but concrete steps everyone can take to eliminate gender bias in their speech and to ally
themselves with gender-diverse communities.

In this interactive presentation, Penn State Brandywine's Dr. Evan Bradley (he/him/his), associate professor of
psychology and linguistics, and Dr. Laura Evans (she/her/hers), associate teaching professor of human development and family studies, will discuss gender as a spectrum, what pronouns are, and review research about why they matter. They will also practice sharing and using pronouns, including gender-neutral and nonbinary pronouns like singular 'they' and
neopronouns. Finally, they will discuss the connection between pronoun practices and other ways to foster gender-equity among colleagues and students.

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