Politics, Power, and Philosophy: Panel Discussion

Politics, Power, and Philosophy: Panel Discussion

Join the Penn State University Press and the authors of three exciting new and recent books for a virtual discussion on Friday, September 9 at 1:00 p.m. EDT! The authors will present their work and answer your questions.

Guests are:

  • Stuart J. Murray, author of The Living from the Dead: Disaffirming Biopolitics
  • Ted H. Miller, author of Friendly Sovereignty: Historical Perspectives on Carl Schmitt’s Neglected Exception
  • Eduardo Mendieta, co-editor (with Amy Allen) of Power, Neoliberalism, and the Reinvention of Politics: The Critical Theory of Wendy Brown / Penn State Series in Critical Theory

Moderated by:

  • John Christman, Director of the Penn State Humanities Institute and Professor of Philosophy, Political Science,and Women’s Studies
Virtual Event