Penn State Bioethics and Medical Humanities Panel

Penn State Bioethics and Medical Humanities Panel

Do you find yourself asking these questions?  

Do we have the right to health care? 

What demands does social justice make on public health? 

Is it wrong for governments to influence our food choices to promote public health?  

If so, the College of the Liberal Arts' Bioethics and Medical Humanities minor enables students to explore these questions and so many others using philosophy, ethics, fiction, film, and so much more. Tackling the “big questions” through an innovative, interdisciplinary lens, the intercollege Bioethics program focuses on ethical and policy issues arising in a broad range of arenas--from pandemic justice to corporate influence on public health, and from health humanities to emerging technologies.  

The College of the Liberal Arts is hosting a panel discussion for you to learn more about what it means to search for these answers. Join us on Thursday, November 18 at 5:30 p.m. EST to hear from Penn State faculty, experts in the field, and students in the minor. Read the panelists’ bios on the registration webpage. 

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