Radical Wellness: “Will You Focus On Me? – Educator Self Care Workshop” with Nickolas Gaines

Tuesday, February 2, 2021
1:00 p.m.–2:30 p.m.
Radical Wellness: “Will You Focus On Me? – Educator Self Care Workshop” with Nickolas Gaines

WILL YOU FOCUS ON ME? Educator Self Care Workshop

Self-care is the intentional preservation of the mind, body, soul, and spirit. Oftentimes, educators pour so much of themselves, continually and then go home to manage families, other careers, and responsibilities with little recognition that there is nothing refilling their cup. In an age where social-emotional learning is trendy, we often don’t have the time to connect to our spiritual or emotional selves so we aren’t able to effectively model it for our students amidst all the trauma, obstacles, and chaos they face.

This session focuses on helping participants learn to self-care, recognize the necessity of regular self-care, examine reasons why we succumb to burnout culture, process the use of success as a way to self-soothe, and how to implement holistic strategies in their lives-both personal and professional so they can show up at their best. The session will also help educators create ways to help students self-regulate and self-care for themselves within their education spaces.

Nickolas Gaines did his undergraduate work in American Multicultural Studies with an emphasis in African American Humanities at Minnesota State University Moorhead. His graduate work in Divinity and Chaplaincy at Moody Theological Seminary and Tennessee Temple University. He later went to study Veteran’s Behavioral Health at Uniformed Health Services University and did his Clinical Pastoral Education at Loyola University in Chicago. Nickolas also graduated in the top of his class from the United States Army Chaplain School and Center.

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