CALPER Webinar: “Maximizing the Experience of Heritage Speakers in Study Abroad Contexts”

Thursday, February 29, 2024
4:00 p.m.–5:30 p.m.
CALPER Webinar: “Maximizing the Experience of Heritage Speakers in Study Abroad Contexts”

Antonio Jiménez Jiménez, California State University Channel Islands

This is the second session of 2024 CALPER Professional Development Webinar Series: Advances in World Language Pedagogy.


This webinar focuses on the experiences of heritage speakers who choose to study abroad in order to enhance their language abilities and connect with their heritage roots. In this presentation, we will begin by describing the key characteristics that distinguish heritage students from traditional second language learners. Subsequently, we will delve into the literature on heritage students participating in study abroad programs, exploring both linguistic perspectives and cultural and identity standpoints. Finally, we will propose best practices to help optimize the experience of these students during their time abroad. While the examples and information presented will primarily draw from the context of Spanish heritage learners, the insights offered will be equally applicable to heritage students across various languages


Antonio F. Jiménez Jiménez holds a doctorate in Spanish applied linguistics from Penn State and a bachelor of arts in translation and interpretation from the University of Málaga (Spain). His initial research focused on the acquisition and attrition of second languages during and after study abroad programs. Over the last twenty years, he has been teaching Spanish, translation, and linguistics at California State University Channel Islands, a Hispanic-Serving Institution where the majority of his students are Spanish heritage learners. His current research centers on the linguistic and cultural impact that studying abroad may have on Spanish heritage speakers, with the ultimate goal of maximizing their experience during their time overseas.

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