German Club meeting

Saturday, December 4, 2021
157 Burrowes Building
German Club meeting

German club is for Penn State students of all majors and minors who want to learn more about the German language, culture, history, etc. We have students who are fluent and students who speak no German, but we all have an interest in learning about German! 

Our club provides a fun way for students to practice their German skills, to learn outside of the classroom, and to meet other (German) students. Our meetings include activities like trivia, (food) tasting events, talks, and German board games. We also host special activities throughout the semester for students to learn more about German, the German program at Penn State, and about studying abroad, among others. More information about the special activities is available below and on our OrgCentral site.

Come and check us out!

We have our regular meetings every other Monday at 6:00 p.m. ET (Check the calendar below for exact dates and special events.)


Event line-up:

Montag, 20.09. (18:00 Uhr): Willkommens-Sitzung

Einführung zum Deutsch-Klub; Vorstellen der Executive Committee Mitglieder, Snacks und Spieleabend


Upcoming events:

Sonntag, 26.09. (11:30-13:00 Uhr): Bundestagswahl-Watch-Party

Watch-Party zu den (vorläufigen) Ergebnissen der Bundestagswahl (& Snacks): 157 Burrowes Building


Montag, 11.10. (18:15 UHR): *Oktoberfest*

See  also our OrgCentral post:

We are asking that anyone interested RSVP through this Google Form link:


Montag, 25. Oktober (Uhrzeit TBD): Halloween-Bowling

Glow-Bowling, mit Halloween-Kostüm Wettbewerb (contest); Northland Bowl & Sports Center, 1521 Martin St, State College, PA 16803


Montag, 15. November, (18:30 Uhr): Lebkuchenhäuser 

Lebkuchenhäuser bauen und dekorieren.


Samstag, 4. Dezember (Uhrzeit TBD, ORT TBD): Bundesliga-Watch-Party

*** Wir sehen uns live das Bundeliga-Fußballspiel zwischen FC Bayern München und Dortmund an. ORT TBD ***



For more information and to receive updates (including about times/locations TBD), become a member of the German Club on our OrgCentral site here:

Follow us on Instagram: @gerclpsu  

Bis bald!

157 Burrowes Building