Fall 2020 Philosophy Talks

Friday, September 25, 2020
Fall 2020 Philosophy Talks

Perspectives on the Cogito Workshop

Contacts: Uygar Abaci ( and Brady Bowman (


Friday 11/9

3:30–5:00 G. Dicker,  "Cogito, Ergo Sum": Proof or Petitio?

Saturday 12/9

11:00–12:10 B. Bowman, "Spontaneity, Createdness, Infinitude. On the Preconditions of the Cogito in Descartes’ Meditations"

12:20–1:30 A. Peterman, "Spinoza on the Indubitability of our Existence"

1:30–2:00 Break

2:00–3:10 O. Boehm, "The Cogito and the Sublime"

Saturday 19/9

11:00–12:10 E. Grosholz, "Descartes’ Dualism & the Cogito"

12:20–1:30 A. Clausen, "The Ethical Condition of Knowledge: Levinas Reads Descartes"

1:30–2:00 Break

2:00–3:10 N. de Warren, "Husserl’s Cartesian Meditations"

Friday 25/9

4:00–5:10 U. Abaci, "Kant’s Cogito and Transcendental Freedom"

5:15–6:00 All Closing Discussion

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