Thirtieth Annual National Symposium on Family Issues

Thirtieth Annual National Symposium on Family Issues

“Family Socialization Around Race/Ethnicity and Racism: Advancing Understanding of Racial/Ethnic Inequalities in the United States”

Despite its significance for individuals, families and the larger society, research on family socialization on issues of race/ethnicity and racism remains limited. Thus, the goal of Penn State’s Thirtieth Annual Symposium on Family Issues is to draw scholars’ attention to the study of family socialization around racial/ethnic inequalities and racism in the United States, including with a focus on family-focused programs, practices and policies that may help to address this national challenge and its widespread and deleterious implications.

Registration is required to view the livestream, attend in person, and view the recording of the symposium.  All registrants will be notified in mid-September as to whether the symposium will be a hybrid or virtual event.

Co-sponsored by the Child Study Center

Hybrid Event