CLA Research Methods for Applied Linguists Workshop

Friday, September 6, 2024
2:00 p.m.–5:00 p.m.
CLA Research Methods for Applied Linguists Workshop
“Replication Studies in Applied Linguistics: Design, Analysis, and Comparison” | Kevin McManus, Penn State


Several new initiatives in our field point to an increased awareness about the need, place, and value of replication research in the growth and credibility of the discipline (e.g., methodological guides, journal special issues). Yet, as reviews have noted (Marsden et al., 2018; Porte, 2012), support and resources are needed so that researchers can design, conduct, and report high quality replication studies. This workshop responded to that need by introducing novice and experienced researchers to the replication research process. We begin by exploring why and how replication studies are important to how we build knowledge and theories about applied linguistics. Using this foundation, we review different approaches to doing replication research, the reasons for choosing one approach over another, and the types of research questions best addressed with replication studies. The second part of this workshop includes hands-on activities and group discussions focused on the design, analysis, and writing-up of a replication project using published replication studies as models.


Kevin McManus is an associate professor in the Department of Applied Linguistics at Penn State, where he is also director of the Center for Language Acquisition and the Center for Advanced Language Proficiency, Education, and Research. His research focuses on psycholinguistics, crosslinguistic influence, instruction, and usage-based accounts of learning, with particular interests in instructed grammatical learning and the ways in which cognitive and social factors shape development. He also has significant interests in replication research, which has involved conducting and promoting replication studies as well as providing guidance and training in the design, execution, and interpretation of replication studies. His most recent books include Doing Replication Research in Applied Linguistics, Crosslinguistic Influence and Second Language Learning, and Usage in Second Language Acquisition. Critical Reflections and Future Directions. He is currently an associate editor for Studies in Second Language Acquisition.

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