AFI Feminist Dialogue Series with Sharlene Khan

AFI Feminist Dialogue Series with Sharlene Khan

When the moon wanes (2021–) is a follow-up series to South African visual artist Sharlene Khan’s mother and grandmother's intimate stories of love and extreme familial violence in When the moon waxes (2009–2022), which also implicates larger South African histories of colonial British Indian Indenture System, apartheid and post-apartheid in Durban, South Africa.

In this talk, the artist discusses growing up under apartheid South Africa, where the Immorality Act prevented intimate relationships between people of different races and the Group Areas act prevented different race groups from living in the same spaces (with people-of-color finding ways to subvert such) and her continued belief in (radical) love(s) from a black-African feminist perspective. This dialogue will be moderated by Zinhle ka'Nobuhlaluse

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