African Feminist Initiative Book Talk with Dr. Anima Adjepong

Monday, October 3, 2022
10:00 a.m.
African Feminist Initiative Book Talk with Dr. Anima Adjepong

“Afropolitan Projects: Redefining Blackness, Sexualities, and Culture from Houston to Accra”

This ethnographic study examines the Afropolitan projects of Ghanaians living in two cosmopolitan cities: Houston, Texas, and Accra, Ghana. Anima Adjepong’s focus shifts between the cities, exploring contests around national and pan-African cultural politics, race, class, sexuality, and religion. Focusing particularly on queer sexuality, Adjepong offers unique insight into the contemporary sexual politics of the Afropolitan class.

The book expands and complicates existing research by providing an indepth transnational case study that not only addresses questions of cosmopolitanism, class, and racial identity but also considers how gender and sexuality inform the racialized identities of Africans in the United States and in Ghana. Bringing an understudied cohort of class-privileged Africans to the forefront, Adjepong offers a more fully realized  understanding of the diversity of African lives.

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